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Child Maintenance

(South African Law)

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Information, Forms, Tools & Advice

How much maintenance?  How do I get more?  What are my rights?

We answer these and all your other questions.

  • See our Resources:  there’s plenty of Free Stuff on this site.
  • Buy our easy ‘How To’ guides prepared by a lawyer; 
    • “Get More Child Maintenance
    • “Prepare for Your Child Maintenance Hearing”
    • “Recover Arrear Child Maintenance”
    • “Calculate How Much Child Maintenance”
  • Attend Interactive Webinars:  Seminars you attend while sitting in front of your computer, rather like Skype with diagrams.  Like the ‘How To’ guides, these are remarkably inexpensive.
  • User-friendly Audio Guides.
  • Easy-to-understand materials.
  • Very low cost – compared with consulting your own attorney.

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